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Solving unique problems with custom engineering solutions

We’re a custom engineering solutions provider. Every job is different because each of our clients needs a solution to their own unique problem.

Our company meets these challenges for our clients with a mix of knowledge, experience & flexibility.

With our extensive manufacturing experience in agriculture, architecture, commercial machinery & construction we are confident that we can deliver superior engineering projects, of any size, on time and on budget.


Years Operating


Solutions Provided




We’ve provided engineering solutions to some of New Zealand’s biggest household names.

But that doesn’t mean we dont work for small companies, we do! clients


We are highly knowledgeable and experienced in creating custom engineering solutions through our professional manufacturing services.

Our expertise covers a range of varied engineering services we can provide to your business right now.

Steel supplied and cut to length Precision Machining Sheetmetal On site installation and servicing Aluminium fabrication and welding Stainless fabrication and welding

Steel Fabrication and welding (NZS4711) Standards (light to heavy). Full consultant design and manufacture Vacuum loading equipment Turf renovation equipment Hydraulic and pneumatic system design Full truck building, full trailer manufacturing



  • October, 2018

    R & H-Xmas Close-Down 2018 / 2019

    The lead into R&H Xmas close down is looking like it will be very busy for us. We have a lot of ongoing projects booked prior to the festive season. This is to advise you to book your jobs required by Xmas with Simon or Tim as soon as you can so to avoid disappointment. […]

  • January, 2017

    Credit Where Credit’s Due

    There’s a cartoon series, originally by Jeff McNelly (of “Doonsbury” fame) called “Pluggers”, which celebrates all those silent and unspoken heroes who stand in the background but actually make the world go round. And as a company full of engineering specialists, our guys certainly fall into this category. Our guys spend hours in our workshop […]

  • May, 2016


    At R&H we’re becoming somewhat of a specialist in long-run fabrication projects. Having just completed a massive assembly job forGlidepath at the Airport, we were approached by Auckland Council to make 300 ‘tree cages’ to protect their new plantings. While not a difficult task at all, it can become very tedious for the boys on […]

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